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9 Jun 2011

Small Haul

Posted by Rebecca

I picked up a few items in town today and thought I'd share. I went to pick up Glamour magazine as I read on twitter last night they were doing the Benefit freebies again (I do love freebies!). I also got a few other things....

1 - High Beam (4ml), a miniature of the 'luminescent complexion enhancer', one of the free gifts with this months Glamour (only £2!).

2 - Posie Tint (4ml), another miniature of the 'poppy-pink tinted lip & cheek stain', again free with Glamour. I haven't done any swatches of these as I'm sure there are plenty around, and I haven't properly tried them out yet. The other option is the Bene Tint, but I have a similar tint to this already so didn't pick it up.

3 - Maybelline Colour Sensation Lipstick in 109 Rosy Dream - swatches below. This is one of the new colours that have been released. Currently on offer for £5.19 in Superdrug.

4 -  Long gold and bead necklace - I picked this up from Dorothy Perkins, it was reduced for £9.50 to just £3. I think it's a great piece for summer, and perfect to wear over plain vests or t-shirts.

5 - Turquoise and gold ring (more expensive online than in store for some reason) - Also from Dorothy Perkins, reduced from £8.50 to £2 (you can see I don't like pay full price for things!), again this is perfect for summer. I seems to be building up a collection of turquoise jewellery.

The lipstick is a milky bubblegum pink colour. The formulation seems to have changed slightly from the older colour sensation lipsticks, maybe a bit of a shinier finish ( I think they are supposed to be Hi-shine if I remember correctly). The packaging has also been made over with a holographic finish. The security tags Superdrug use really annoy me, they're so sticky and almost impossible to remove (it took me nearly the whole of Eastenders to open it!) and leave a horrible residue that somewhat ruins the packaging.

 The lipstick has good pigmentation and is very creamy. There is a hint of glitter which I would prefer not to be there, but I only really noticed this when I swatched it on my hands, it doesn't really translate to the lips.

This is perfect if you like baby/bubblegum pink lipsticks and are looking for a shiny finish.

Just a quick post today. Thanks for reading, and let me know if you have tried out any of the other new colour sensation lipsticks.


productdoctor said...

I wonder why they don't give free goodies with magazines in the US??? Nice!

Rebecca said...

Thanks for commenting. I've heard you don't get the same free gifts in the US, I don't see why not! Not fair! xxx

♥Felice♥ said...

the only free goodies you get with magazines in the US are like makeup bags, totes and maybe some makeup samples and a lot of coupons.

TheClaudiaCouture said...

Hi Rebecca !
Great blog post- i need to pick up this months Glamour issue! I have high beam and love it and posie tint looks really nice too :)
I love the ring you picked up in Dorothy Perkins- i love turquoise jewellery in the summer time and have been looking for a ring just like that !
Thanks so much for following my own blog too !

kirstyb said...

that lippy colour is lovely and i got the freebies too xxx

Rebecca said...

Thanks for the comments :)

Claudia - I'm sure you'll like posie tint, it's a really pretty pink colour, and the miniature packaging is so cute! Thanks, I really like the ring, can't believe it was on sale for £2!

Kirsty - Thanks, hope you like the freebies too, it's such a good deal


Chloe Louise said...

Wow, what lovely bargains! :) I'll be sure to go and check out the lipstick as it looks very pretty! x

Bows and Butterflies said...

My bf has left £2 on the side so I think I might have to pinch it to find high beam hehe x

Rebecca.Ann said...

That lipstick is gorgeous, I love the packaging too, which is always a bonus.
I haven't been on the hunt for Glamour yet, I might have left it too late!! x

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