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18 Jun 2011

How Much is your Face Worth?

Posted by Rebecca

I saw this post on Kim's blog and thought I'd do it too, even though I dread to think how much it will amount to. It's a great idea to see how much you actually spend on makeup and to see how many products you actually use on a daily basis. So here goes...

1 - No7 lipstick in Nude Rebellion - £10
2 - Collection 2000 Big Fake Flase Lash Effect mascara -  £4.99
3 - L'oreal Superliner - £6.19
4 - Urban Decay Primer Potion - £12
5 - Bourjois Healthy Mix foundation - £9.99
6 - Bourjois Bronzing Powder - £6.99
7 - Benefit Georgia Blusher - £23.50
8 - Urban Decay Naked palette - £32
9 - Mac Cream Colour Base in Pearl - £13.50
10 - Avon Super Shock eyeliner - £3.50
11 - Lacura Concealer Pen - £3.50
12 - Models Prefer eyebrow pencil - One of my mum's friends gave this to me, I have no idea where it's from
13 - Collection 2000 Lasting Perfection concealer - £4.19
14 - Maybelline Dream Matte powder - £7.19

Total - £137.54!!

It is quite shocking to actually see the figure! Although I do buy most things when they're on offer so I'd like to think it's a bit less (hopefully!), and some things were gifts. I do change products most days, so I dread to think the cost when I'm using a more expensive lipstick or mascara!

Thanks for reading, and check out Kim's post here. How much is your face worth? I'd love to see other peoples. Do you think this is excessive? Please leave your links in the comments so I can read them.


Katie said...

Oh this is a great tag, gonna give it a go myself x

Anonymous said...

Ah that's not excessive but it's scary to think that's how much it works out to be! Aww thanks for the link hun :)

Anonymous said...

Definitely confused your Bourjois bronzing powder for a small bar of chocolate! My mind is playing trick on me.. maybe it's trying to tell me something lol. I love these posts, it's always a little scary to see the total written down x

Lianne said...

wow we must have very similar taste, I have and use the majority of these products too :)


Rebecca said...

Thanks for the comments girls :)

@Lucy Haha it does look like chocolate and smells great too!

@Lianne Haha that's cool :) just checked out your blog, it's great!


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