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17 Jun 2011

High End Lipsticks

Posted by Rebecca

I was going to name this 'High End Lipstick Collection' but I'm not sure if four really constitutes a collection. Anyway I wanted to share some of my make up collection on here and it's easier to do it bit by bit and give a mini review too.

This i my collection so far, I didn't include Mac here as I don't really consider it high end, more of a middle ground between drugstore and these.

The first is YSL Rouge Volupte Perle in Coral Sun number 102. These lipsticks have very luxurious packaging as do most of YSL's products. The lipstick has a very silky texture and glides on the lips easily however this is also its downfall. As easy as it glides on it also glides off in no time, one drink and this is completely gone. I still love this lipstick as it feels great on the lips has a fruity sent and the colour is fantastic. I choose this as I had no other coral lipsticks. In real life it's a brighter more orange coral than is showing up in the photo. I purchase mine from House of Fraser.

This is Estee Lauder's Pure Colour lipstick in Wild Blossom. this lipstick also has great packaging but it does feel a lot lighter and more plastic than YSL's, but it quite a bit cheaper. I love the shade of this lipstick and the finish it gives. It's a very creamy consistency and is a perfect peach colour. It is also the most pigmented and long lasting out of the collection. Available here.

My third one is Chanel's Rouge Allure in Mythic number 69.  This is my favourite packaging of any lipstick, it's very chic and timeless. The colour is a nude, but not 'concealer lips' sort of nude. It has a slight hint of rose in the scent and goes on like satin. This is fairly long lasting and a colour you can put on with almost any look and without great precision. It is my favourite one and I'm definitely considering trying out other Chanel lipsticks. I purchased this at Selfridges.

The final one and my newest purchase is the Guerlain Kiss Kiss Strauss Lipstick. I bought this in the Debenhams sale online for only £10.50, which is still quite a lot but not compared to the usually price tag of £21. I have only had this for about 2 days so can't really give a review. The colour is very sheer, the photos above are after a few layers.However I do like the consistency, scent and finish. The packaging is again great but also feels a lot lighter than the YSL one and very plastic.

I also have two mini high end lipsticks which I got in an amazing advent calendar my boyfriend bought me last year from Selfridges. It had a mini luxurious sample behind each door, it was the perfect gift for beauty lovers.

The first is YSL Rouge Pure Shine, in shade 10 I think (it has worn off a bit). The second is Lancome's L'absolu Rouge in shade 06. They are both really cute sizes and perfect to take in a clutch back for a night out. The YSL is very similar to the Rouge Volupte Perle but with a shiner finish. The Lancome one has great pigmentation and a creamy texture similar to the Estee Lauder one.

On the left is the Lancome and right YSL. They are both great everyday shades.

I don't really know how useful these swatches are, but I really couldn't get a decent photo of them on the back of my hand. From top to bottom they are Estee Lauder, YSL, Chanel, Guerlain, mini YSL and finally mini Lancome.

Thanks so much for reading. Please give me your opinions on high end lipsticks, are they worth the splurge? And how many do you own?


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